Bamboo Timber Select have in the past supplied and installed traditional hardwood timber flooring. We are not however continuing to stock and supply these products as we are so confident in the quality of bamboo flooring and the advantage that it brings to our customers and the environment that we can no longer, in good conscience, advise our customers to purchase anything else.

Please see below an overview of the advantages of choosing a Mosowood Bamboo floor over a traditional hardwood floor.

MOSOWOOD Bamboo Solid Timber
Environmentally friendly Sustainable managed forests – no trees killed X
Hardness 2nd hardest floorboard on the planet Only Brazilian walnut is harder
Healthy No toxic fumes – Meets E1 standard in floorboard and the finish Only meets E1 standard with oil and some water-based finishes

Termite resistant 99.5% termite resistant
99.9% retardant against known insects Majority of timbers subject to attack (Cypress pine etc accepted)
Easy Installation Unilin patented locking system / 4 sided click / no glue or nails required Has to be glued or secret nailed and boards over 85mm wide must be top nailed and fully glued

Expansion problems The uniclicked floor acts as a single board and minimises expansion Every single boards expands individually leading to gaps and cupping issues