Our Mosowood Bamboo Ply panel sheets are used principally for internal applications and can be used anywhere traditional hardwood or laminate is used.

Our forests today are literally on the brink of extinction, as mankind consumes an increasing amount of forest resources, with no end in sight.

While recycling does its part to ease the burden on our forests, it’s becoming increasingly clear that, until a reasonable and effective solution is discovered, we all must turn our attention to other more ecologically sound alternatives.

Bamboo presents itself as a great alternative. Not only is it fast growing the finished products glow with beauty, creating a feel of warmth and welcome. Our extensive range includes;

Mosowood ply panel sheets 2400mm x 1220mm x various thicknesses for cabinetry and bench tops
Mosowood veneer 4.5mm and 6mm
EO quality, non-toxic, no formaldehyde, no mould
Bamboo Chairs and Office Furniture
Mosocote non-toxic nano technology protective finishes

The subtle grains and colours of these bamboo ply panel sheets and veneers compliment an array of design styles, from classic to contemporary in residential and commercial interior applications.

Durable, double sided flat and edge grains, dimensionally stable Mosowood Ply is a perfect choice for the environmentally aware, for furniture and wall panels, kitchens and bathrooms, desks and much more. We offer you the option of vertical edge grain, horizontal flat grain, strand woven and tiger. All these are supplied as raw fine sanded ready to be polished, stained, painted or oiled by your cabinetmaker.

At Bamboo and Timber Select we know that using bamboo as an alternative resource is a major step in the fight to save the world’s forests. It is with great pleasure and pride that we pave the way into the future with sustainability for your family and ours.

Consider Bamboo for your internal fittings to create a healthy environment for you and your family to live in…..

We have a beautiful range of internal and external doors ideal for the traditional to ultra-modern home.


Solid doors can be made from 620 – 2100 wide to 2340 high
Pre-finished, no polishing
Can be painted or stained
Low VOC – meets E1 and E0 Standard, anti-bacterial finish for Hospitals

Sustainably harvested
Beautiful to look at
Competitively priced
Extremely solid – making them soundproof
Specific finish
Natural clean look

Quiet…in modern homes