Q. Why would I choose Mosowood Bamboo flooring over traditional Hardwood flooring?

Q. How is it made into flooring?

Q. How much does your Mosowood flooring cost?

Q. What colour does it come in?

Q. As the boards are polished, can they be re-sanded later?

Q. Is there a Non-Toxic product available to apply to raw Bamboo?

Q. Can I purchase Bamboo flooring as a raw board to seal and polish?

Q. What type of finish (coating) is used and is it scratch resistant?

Q. What about stiletto high heels?

Q. Is Bamboo flooring durable?

Q. Can Bamboo flooring be used in the Kitchen? If the boards are pre-finished will milk or liquid spills be absorbed creating smelling and bacteria?

Q. Can Bamboo flooring be installed over ‘in-floor’ heating?

Q. Can I install Bamboo flooring myself?

Q. Do you take up existing flooring?

Q. Do you have accessories to tone with Bamboo flooring?

Q. Do you supply a Bamboo Outdoor Decking?

Q. Is there a warranty?